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The UK Legends tournament is our end-of-season celebration of us, the British foosball family, and our brilliant game, with World Championship qualification up for grabs as a bonus. The idea is that we do these tournaments once every two years, in the years when we don’t have a UK Championship.

Infopack here. Registration here. Information about WC qualification here.

Who is a UK Legend?

The UK Legends are those people who have made an extraordinary contribution to British table football, whether through sustained outstanding performance on the table, or through their promotion to the growth of the sport. Everyone in the UK community – whether a past or present player – can submit names to the BFA Board for consideration. The first UK Legends will be announced at the UK Legends tournament in December 2023. You can make your nomination here.

What’s different?

We’re trying a new format for both the Legends Doubles and Legends Singles events. We will have one huge qualification pool, mixing together teams for 8 rounds of fiercely competitive foosball. For the elimination stage, we will then split the pool into 5 separate brackets – Men’s, Women’s, Senior O50, Senior O63, and Semi-Pro (for everyone else). Event winners qualify for the 2025 World Cup. We’re adding a twist to our Legends Monster DYP. The prize money will be awarded through a prize draw rather than automatically going to the event’s winners. However the better you do, the more tickets you get in the draw…

As this is our own party for our own community, we’re asking everyone to make a contribution (i.e. help out) so the event runs smoothly.

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