Beginner’s guide – Foosball tips and techniques

If you’re on this page, you’re probably looking to learn how to play foosball or to improve the skills you already have. We have put together a series of guides to help introduce beginners to the different shots and techniques of the game of foosball!

The Britfoos Guide to Foosball Fundamentals

Before you embark on the life-long quest to master the gamut of foosball techniques, it is vital to give yourself as much help in your endeavours as you can:

Applying silicon lubricant allows your table’s rods to move freely and helps you recreate the conditions of your home table when playing on others.

An overwrap can be used to make your table’s handles easier and more comfortable to grip.

The Beginner Guide

Consider this section of the site to be a resource to help you become a foosball wizard – either to impress your mates down the pub, or to come along and compete at national tournaments. Our guide is broken down into 11 categories below:

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>> The Basics

>> Defending

>> Defensive Shooting

>> Brush Passing

>> Chip Passing

>> Stick Passing

>> Midfield Shooting

>> Push/Pull Shot

>> Push/Pull Kick

>> Snake Shot

>> Pin Shot