Registered BFA Foosball Clubs

A registered BFA Foosball Club, at its most basic, has at least four players, at least one foosball table, and a club captain, which is registered as a club with the BFA.

In most European countries, foosball is organised on a club structure.

Clubs provide a vital point of contact drawing new players in the area together and providing a focal point for organised foosball sessions and social activities.

BFA Registered Clubs

BFA Club membership allows representation and voting rights for groups of players at any UK venue, be it a pub, club, university, college or school, or private business or residence.

Clubs must adhere to official rules and any specified requirements of the BFA (e.g. regarding non-discrimination, democratic structure, accounting etc)

Member clubs must apply for recognition (form here).

Clubs may choose to adopt the Standard Club Constitution unless they are required (e.g. University Societies) to adopt a different constitution.

There is no limit to the number of players who can be members of any particular club.


Club Membership offers the following benefits

  • A BFA Club Licence for all registered players.
  • Eligibility to compete in BFA team competitions
  • Eligible for the BFA Championship Rankings


Club affiliation fees are £10 for the club. The Club Captain should also have a Competition Licence. It is a matter for individual clubs as to whether or not to charge any membership fees to players.

BFA Competitions

The BFA league championship is a national club competition. The first BFA Cup was held in Autumn 2011. Clubs can enter one or more teams into this competition.


Players can only be registered to one club at a time.

Signing Up

Getting Going

  • Start running events – no matter how big or small.
  • Register your events so we can add them to the BFA’s Competition Calendar.
  • Send in your results so your players can see themselves in the BFA’s Championship Rankings.


  • Set up a social media page (Instagram, Facebook etc), and / or a website.
  • Create online events so new people can find you.
  • Set up a chat group (Messenger, WhatsApp) so your players can stay connected for meet-ups.
  • Connect with local clubs, invite them to join your events, play in their events, etc.

Other things you could do

  • Get hold of a template constitution (University Societies may be required to adopt their own approved constitution) and hold a meeting to adopt it.
  • Elect a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer (and other officers as required).
  • Set up a membership programme so everyone can pool their money towards the club.
  • Get a bank account.

Develop your club

University Table Football

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