Tables and Equipment

Welcome to the BFA’s official online shop, in partnership with Roberto Sport & Ransome Sporting Goods.

ITSF Tables

Roberto Sport’s Revolution is an ITSF Official Table, used at international tournaments including the World Cup. The Training Revolution is great for developing your game whether at home, at school or in the office. The Special Revolution is the ITSF’s official paralympic table.

Training Revolution


The Training Revolution is a standard spec version of the official ITSF Revolution table. It’s tremendous for schools, offices, or at home.



The Revolution is an Official Table of the International Table Soccer Federation. It’s an excellent high specification table, engineered for all styles of play whether ITSF-style ‘official rules’ play, Italian style al volo, or UK style two ball rollerball (2BRB).

Special Revolution


The Special Revolution has been created for people with disabilities, having been created wide enough so that two wheelchairs can fit on either side with a clear view of the football table surface. It is the official paralympic table of the International Table Soccer Federation.

Fun Tables

This range of foosball tables has something for every situation. One thing all have in common is that they are great fun to play on.



The Game is a solid homeplay table that offers many hours of family fun.



The Scout is an elegant and solid indoor entry-level home football table.

College Pro


The College Pro is a stylish and sturdy indoor entry-level football table. Its lower height and telescopic rods make it fun for children and young people.

Summer Free


The Summer Free is a fun table designed for the outdoors, whether in the school playground or back garden.

College Pro Cover


The College Pro Cover works exceptionally well in schools. The glass cover ensures balls can’t be removed and reduces noise during play.

Pro Winner


The Pro Winner is a high-spec table that is plenty of fun whether in a home games room or in the chill-out zone of an office.

Summer Free Cover


The Summer Free Cover is an excellent all-weather outdoor table. The protective glass cover keeps out the worst of the British weather.

New Camp


The New Camp is a commercial coin-operated table perfect for cafes or bars.



The Export is a coin-operated table for commercial use. The glass cover helps it to survive the pounding of the pub, and keeps students from ‘losing’ the balls in the sixth-form common room.


Here are a few bits and pieces which you might need at some point.

Roberto Wraps

£2.50 each

Wraps give the player a better grip on the rod. Every player has their own unique way of wrapping up.

ITSF Balls

£30.00 for 10

Grippy and high control, these are the official balls used for ITSF-style play on Roberto Sport tables.

Roller Balls

£26.00 for 10

These balls are perfect for Italian style al volo play, as well as British style two ball rollerball.

Lubricant Spray


Lubricant is essential in making the rods really slippy and fast. A tip is to be careful to only apply it to the rods on the outside of the table and make sure it doesn’t go onto the table surface or the ball.

Table Light


A table must be well lit. It makes such a difference to the level of enjoyment of the game. These lights are designed to fit Roberto tables perfectly.