Types of Membership

Regular Member

  • BFA licence and access to UK national events
    • Challenger Tour Cat A / Master Series
    • Challenger Tour Cat B / Pro Tour
    • Challenger Tour Cat C / National
    • BFA League Finals
    • London League
  • ITSF licence and access to ITSF international events
  • A member or captain of a BFA club
  • Team GB
  • Vote at BFA meetings
  • Tournament results go to BFA rankings
  • Regular updates about table soccer activities in the UK

Price – £10 per year 

Regular membership runs 1st Jan – 31st December. Payments to The British Foosball Association’s business account, sort code 30-99-88, account number 01064865, and let us know you’ve done it please.

Associate Member

  • A member of a BFA club
  • Local tournament results go to BFA rankings
  • Name goes into the BFA mailing list
  • Regular updates about table soccer activities in the UK

Price – Free

How Do I Sign Up?

All you need to do is fill in the form below, and pay (for Regular Members).

BFA Membership

Please confirm that you are OK for the BFA to retain this information in line with our data privacy policy, and add your email to our mailing list so that we can keep you up to date with with foosball news and events around the UK.

Why do we have a membership scheme?

The BFA provides benefits to British players that come at cost to the association, include ITSF membership and ITSF player licences, allowing us to send our teams and players to ITSF events, keeping the website and forum available for players to use, and storing and transporting tables to allow organisers to run events. The membership scheme provides a base level of income which allows the BFA to maintain and improve these benefits.