Players’ Charter & Constitution

“To set up regional and national Foosball (aka Table Football, Babyfoot, Table Soccer, Bar Football) leagues and elimination competitions on one or more types of table across the UK and Republic of Ireland and, more generally, to raise the status of interest in Foosball to that enjoyed by the game in many other countries in Europe and around the World.”

Our Mission

The British Foosball Association (formerly the Bar Football Association) was formed for the purpose of increasing the awareness of Foosball in the UK & Ireland. We will endeavour to achieve this by means of a committee and regular meeting where ALL members are invited to attend and air their views and ideas.

The BFA is run by an Executive Committee, elected by the members at the Annual General Meetings, which is responsible for ensuring that the goals of the association are met.

The BFA will not unduly favour any particular manufacturer, distributor or operator of Foosball related products, but will work with all those able to promote the game.

A constitution has been agreed by the founder members which can only be changed by majority agreement from the membership. This constitution has been written as a framework for the association to operate under and to ensure that no individual person or company can use the Association for personal benefit.

Our Constitution

The BFA constitution and associated policy documents can be found in our Policy Documentation section