Shoreditch’s Bar Kick is London’s most iconic location to play babyfoot (French for foosball) on Bonzini.  The regular players come from all around the world, so there is an equally diversity in playing styles.


127 Shoreditch High Street
London E1 6JE
United Kingdom

Meet other players

On Thursday, Friday (particularly busy), Saturday and Sunday you won’t have any trouble to find skilled players after 19:00. On others days / other times you may or may not be lucky.

Contact info

The venue has its own Facebook Messenger group: search for “Bar kick” – the space matters.


Barkick is home to more than 10 Bonzini tables. Tables number 3 and 4 (opposite the bar) are the ones used by the more competitive players.


Barkick makes its money as a Sports Bar, and that means putting football games onto the big screens, and when the London clubs are playing, or one of the big names (Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, or any club among the top five) it’s full house and the lights are dimmed, making playing foosball impossible.

Therefore before you go either check their live sport page on their web site or ask on the Messenger group.