How Do I Register? Which Events Can I Play In?

To register for a BFA tournament, please fill in the form below.

Some events are open to everyone (Open Singles, Open Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Pro-Am Doubles, 2 Ball Rollerball, DYP).

Senior events are open to all those aged 50 or over at the beginning of the year; Junior events for all aged 17 and under at the beginning of the year; Womens events are, well, for women.

Category events are open to all people ranked at that level or below, e.g. Semi-Pro Singles is for Semi-Pros, Amateurs and Beginners – but not Pro Masters or Pros.

How Do I Pay? Which Package Should I Get?

The package cost depends on your UK ranking.  If you’re a student (e.g. in full-time education) or a junior (under 18 at the start of the year), then you get the Student or Junior packages, with discounts of 25% and 50% respectively.

For players registering from overseas, please purchase the International package, which includes your one-off £5 BFA membership fee.

Your package includes the Category Singles and Doubles for your ranking, and the next two up. e.g. an Amateur package gets you the Amateur, Semi-Pro and Pro events (Singles & Doubles).

We also charge a table fee, and this is included in the payment when you buy the package online.

You can either pay us via Paypal (links below), or on the day in cash. Paypal is a bit cheaper.

And if you have any questions, please get in touch at

Buy Packages Through Paypal

Paypal Regular Package

Package plus Table Fee

Paypal International Package

Package plus Table Fee plus one-off BFA Member fee

Paypal Student Package

Package plus Table Fee

Paypal Junior Package

Package plus Table Fee

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