Team GB Foosball

The British Foosball Team competes in international competition against other nations from all over the world. The team itself is divided into four classifications: men’s, women’s, junior and senior – all of which compete regularly. The team includes some of the top players in the world – and is always very competitive on the world stage. Beyond raw technical skill, a mastery of nerves and the ability to keep cool under pressure are vital for the team, especially when being broadcast live on television!

Team GB plays in the five major table-specific ITSF World Championship Series events (Garlando, Tornado, Roberto Sport, Bonzini and Leonhart) throughout the season – and then competes in the World Cup in spring on all five tables. The World Cup has been held in various European cities and has drawn huge crowds. Matches are streamed live over the internet, with commentary from experienced players and analysts.

The current Team GB Captains are:

Men’s Team: Callum Oakes

Women’s Team: Jody Walding

Senior Team: Dave Ziemann

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