BFA Club Championship


What is the BFA Club Championship?

The BFA Club Championship is a club competition open to all BFA Clubs. It consists of the BFA London League, the BFA National League and culminates in the BFA National Finals

Who are some of the past champions?

The BFA Club Championship have been played since 2011, past winners include Southampton Rockets (2011), Bar Kick (2013), Cambridge TFC (2014), Bar Kick (2016), Shoreditch Hotshots (2016), London AllStars (2017)

What is the structure of the championship?

The country is split into two divisions:

BFA London League, for clubs within the M25.

Clubs in the London League play each other in home and away fixtures, from April to December.

BFA National League, for clubs beyond the M25.

Clubs arrange fixtures on ad-hoc basis, with the best ten results counting.

Clubs in the National League can also play each other in team competitions that take place at tournaments.

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