For the period during which we’re still in a pandemic situation, the BFA recommends that organisers and players adhere to the following guidelines when playing table football:

For organisers:

For each session, someone needs to be accountable for ensuring that protocols are in place so that players can feel safe to play.

– A registration system should be in place so that players can book sessions in advance.

– The number of attendees should be restricted such that each player has sufficient floor space.

– A reasonable distance should be maintained between tables, and a one-way system should be in place to avoid the need to cross paths.

– Hand sanitiser should be available for players to use, and wraps and balls also available for sale.

– Tables should be cleaned / disinfected after each session.

– The table zones should be clearly marked out and well ventilated. Only registered players can enter the table zones.

– Under the principles of track and trace, ensure you keep a log of who has played, and have their contact details, in the event they need to be notified later.

– Government restrictions apply, currently for adult indoor sports the maximum number of participants is 6.

For players:

Do not come out to play if you are ill, or you have been in contact with anyone who is ill.

– Competitors are less than 2m apart, and play can be energetic. You may want to insist that your opponent wears a face covering for your own safety.

– Respect social distancing protocols. Keep your distance from others when not playing.

– Avoid touching things as much as you can, in particular your face.

– All competition should be singles format only. Doubles is not appropriate for now.

– Wash your hands before and after playing.

– Disposable gloves may be worn, but should be disposed of afterwards. Non-disposable gloves should be disinfected before and after play.

– Only use your own wraps. After you finish, be sure to remove them and disinfect the handles.

– Where possible, use your own balls. Wash them before and after playing.

– Avoid touching the table apart from the handles.

– No handshakes or fist bumps. Try an emphatic thumbs up instead.