Buying a Table

Most people buying a football table start by looking online (Google, Amazon, eBay, Gumtree etc). There are so many different tables out there – but which one should I buy? Well it all depends why you want the table, who is going to play on it, and how much your budget is.

Buying a Competition Table

The best tables for high level competitive play are made by Bonzini, Garlando, Leonhart, Tornado, Roberto Sport, Fireball and Warrior. The UK doesn’t have an “official” table, so we don’t recommend one in particular – all are good to play on although everyone has their personal likes and hates.

Brand new Tornados, Leonharts and Bonzinis retail upwards of £1000 direct from their manufacturers, whereas Garlandos, Robertos, and Fireballs are cheaper. But deals can always be found on eBay, a decent competition tables go for around £300-400.

If you’re buying a table to place in a pub, cafe student union, school, or restaurant, you may want a coin-op model – the Garlando Coperto is perhaps the most common here.

Buying a Fun Table

Of the ITSF-recognised manufacturers, only Garlando manufacture a cheaper-range football table which is good to have at home in the living room (the G-500). But there are many other generic branded tables which you can find on eBay or Amazon which will do the trick just fine. You can pick them up second hand on eBay for £100-300 pounds, sometimes even less.

But there is an element of “buyer beware” with such tables – the cheaper the table, the less likely it is to withstand robust play. There are also a number of “luxury table” manufacturers, producing glitzy gold and mahogany things which no foosballer would ever want to touch, but they look great in a Ferrari showroom.

Get Some Help

Ultimately, no matter what you’re looking for, you might want to get in touch with our partners at Home Leisure Direct because they carry a wide range of stock and hopefully can match you up with what’s right for you.

Once you’ve got your new table, don’t forget to check out the basic foosball rules!

If you’re new to the game, check out our playing guides to learn some new skills to use on your table!