Buying a Table

Many factors go into selecting the right table. You will find countless models online from various different manufacturers, all at different price points, but which exactly is the best for you? The choice can be overwhelming, but taking just a few things into account (what you want in a table, budget, intended location etc) can make selecting your table much, much easier.

Our Official Retail Partners are Home Leisure Direct. Based near Bristol, they are one of the UK’s largest football table retailers and have a wide range of tables depending on your interest and price point.

Buying a Competition Table

There are a number of famous names when it comes to the top level ‘competition’ grade tables, including Tornado, Bonzini, Garlando, Roberto Sport and Leonhart. Every one of these manufacturers makes highly playable tables. Prices start at £500 for an ITSF recognised table, with higher end models going for up to £2000.

Keep in mind what location you intend to install into as well. Coin operated tables are available which are perfect for commercial environments whilst other tables can come with a wealth of other features to improve playability and appeal for use in the home. Regardless of your needs, there will be a table to suit. You can see the range of ITSF tables available from Home Leisure Direct.

Buying a Fun Table

If you’re simply looking for a table to have fun with the family with, there’s just as wide a range of tables to choose from, many of which can be had for very modest prices – as little as £100.

Bear in mind that there may be tables available which may be great fun to look at and play, but may not be best suited for the more serious players. For instance, as impressive as an 11-a-side football table may be (yes – such a thing exists!), it may not be the greatest choice for a discerning professional, or indeed for most living rooms!

Important features to look out for are telescopic rods or solid rods – serious players prefer solid rods, but if the table will be used by children telescopic rods are far safer and can avoid serious injury. Consider whether you would like leg levellers to avoid the ball rolling annoyingly to one corner of the pitch. Also ask yourself whether you would like to use the table outdoors as there are some tables specifically designed for this; if you keep an indoor table outside, even with a cover, damp can cause major problems.

For More Advice

Whilst we have outlined some absolute basics, Home Leisure Direct have a series of in-depth buying advice guides and videos that systematically go through everything you should consider when selecting a table, as well as carrying every table we’ve mentioned in this guide. Check out their buying advice pages for more details. Their expert staff are available to offer any advice you need or answers any questions you might have.

Once you’ve got your new table, don’t forget to check out the basic foosball rules!

If you’re new to the game, check out our playing guides to learn some new skills to use on your table!