The British Foosball Association (‘BFA’) Challenger Tour is a series of BFA-sanctioned national tournaments held within the 2020 season.

Tournaments are due to take place in London, Darlington, Chester, Rugby and Coventry.

Click on the pic to enter the London Garlando Open, the first tournament of the Challenger Tour.

Strong finishes in Challenger Tour events gain points:

These points are then weighed by the number of tournaments you have attended and the status of the tournament (x 1.25 for Pro Tour and x 1.5 for Master Series).

For instance, if there are five events in the tour and you attend four, your best three results are multiplied by 1 and your fourth best by 0.5:

The top n in each category qualify for the UK Championships:

Photo albums from the inaugural 2018-19 Challenger Tour: