Anglia Grove is a multitable venue within a snooker club. The London Table Football Championship runs regular tournaments here. It is the home venue for a number of teams in the London League.

Note that on Sundays and Tuesdays starting from 18:00 you might find players using the venue, but on any other day you are unlikely to meet foosballers, so it is best to make arrangements. See the “Contact” tab for details.

The venue normally has two Tornados, two Garlandos, one Leonhart, one Bonzi and one Ullrich (P4P) table, but sometimes tables are temporarily moved elsewhere, so if you want to make sure that a particular table is available on a specific date you better ask on the Messenger Group.


26 Marcon Place
E8 1LP


  • Tornado (x2)
  • Garlando (x2)
  • Leonhart (x1)
  • Bonzi (x1)
  • Ullrich  (x1)


The venue has its own Facebook Messenger group: search for “Anglia Grove Foosball”.

By asking a question in the group you are likely to get an immediate response.

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