Tournaments can qualify for two levels of BFA approval:

1: BFA Ranking Status: the BFA Tournament Coordination Commission are satisfied, on a case-by-case basis, that the ‘playing conditions’ at a tournament are sufficient to produce valid results. Playing conditions include table type and condition; event format and match length.

2: Official BFA Tournament Sanction: the Tournament Coordination Committee, are further satisfied that the tournament not only produces valid results but also meets several important criteria found to enhance player experience.

Gaining Official BFA Tournament Sanction confers several benefits, including:

  • BFA help in publicising your tournament, through online and print media.
  • A stock of easily adaptable tournament literature, including posters and infopacks.
  • Use of the BFA Tournament Kit, including posters, table numbers, cash boxes.
  • Increased attendance and player confidence from the BFA stamp of approval.

If you would like to seek approval for your tournament, please fill in the form below, with reference to the BFA National Tournament Sanction document.

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