Beginner’s Guide – Defending

Turning the rods:

Using your wrist. Players new to the game will instinctively grasp the handle and use their wrist to move the rod, moving their wrist quickly downwards to rotate the rod.

The ‘palm roll.’ This technique is easily learnt and can give a lot of power to your shots. Place the palm of your open hand against the rod; move your palm upwards to move the rod.

Here follows a tremendously exciting video by way of illustration:

Before learning the various diferent passes and shots you are going to use to destroy your opponent, you need to learn some basic skills and ideas.

The best way to move the ball around the table.

The first thing you must learn is what you would normally do from each bar in a tournament match.

The goalie and defence rods –
These are used to block shots by the opponent. Once you have possession of the ball within this area, the defender rod is usually used to shoot the ball up the table.

The midfield rod (The 5 bar) –
This is used to pass or shoot. Primarily it is used to pass, because it is more effective to score from the attacker bar. You can happily shoot with this bar also.

The attacker rod (The 3 bar) –
This is primarily where scoring is done in a tournament match. Once the ball is here, there is only 3 men in the way of the goal!


Control is so vitally important when first starting out. It allows you to be able to move the ball into a certain position to try and certain pass / shot. Practice moving the ball between the different men on the midfield until you feel comfortable weaving the ball up and down for a minute or two. Practice doing this same tic-tac style movement on the 2 bar, and 3 bar also.

Last thing – NO SPINNING!!!