Beginner’s Guide – Stick Passing

Stick passing relies on speed and power to move the ball from the 5 bar (midfield) to the 3 bar (the attack). Here are basic instructions for a simple stick pass:

Passing the ball

  • Place the ball next to the second figure up from the wall nearest to you.
  • When first learning the pass, it is best that the ball is stationary.
  • Move the ball quickly from the 2nd man, for the man nearest the wall to strike. The ball can be moved either to the wall, or just off of it (the ‘lane’). It is important that you have at least two options for this pass to be effective.
  • The ball is normally struck straight forward, parallel to the near wall.

Here are a couple of stick passes – one to the wall and one to the lane.

Notice how they both have similar starting positions.

Receiving the ball

  • Make sure that you are aware of the position of the receiving man on your forward bar – this man will need to catch the ball once it has been passed.
  • Angle the receiving man forward, as this will help take speed off of the ball.
  • Do not telegraph your intentions by anticipating the destination of the pass. The vast majority of players have their 3 bar pulled towards the near wall whilst

Beginning the pass, even if the pass will eventually require movement away from the wall.

Here is video of more advanced stick passing. Notice that the basics still apply: for instance, the receiving man is set in the same starting position for every pass, so as not to give away your intentions.

Tony Spredeman’s tic-tacked stick passing series has no equal: