Beginner’s Guide – Snake Shot

The man traps the ball between his foot and the pitch before moving it sideways and shooting. The wrist is used to turn the rod.

  • Trap the ball under the man’s foot.
  • Make sure that the point of contact between the foot and the ball is at, or very near, the top of the ball. This will prevent the ball from squeezing out prematurely.
  • Once the ball is secure, place your wrist on the handle.
  • Pull or push the handle with your wrist to move the ball sideways.
  • Turn the handle with your wrist, making the man do a backward somersault before striking the ball.

Setting up the ball properly is important – use the technique shown below to nudge it forward into the right position. Pin the ball repeatedly until you are sure that it won’t slip out.

This shows the position of the wrist for the shot. Bear in mind, however, that exact wrist placement can vary, depending on what you might find most comfortable or effective.

Once trapping and shooting has become second nature then you may learn to walk the ball. American player Tony Spredeman (on the right) shows his typically aggressive, exciting ‘walking snake’ shooting in this clip: