Beginner’s Guide – Push/Pull Kick

The near or far winger on the 3 bar passes the ball into the middle for the centre forward to shoot.

  • Make sure that the ball is not spinning before passing
  • As soon as the ball is passed, lift the men up so that you are ready to shoot
  • To make the shot travel straight, you can ‘square off’ the shot – moving the rod back to its original position.

Here is a complete tutorial on how to shoot a push or pull kick, performed by UK promaster Alex ‘Shovie’ Shovelton:

Here is a basic push kick:

If, instead of shooting after the first pass, you continue to pass between your players, then you have started to tic-tac.

Here is another push kick, after some tic-taccing:

Here is an alternative shot, beginning from the same position. Having these options at your disposal – and keeping your opponent guessing as to which you are going to use next – is essential to becoming a good player.