Beginner’s Guide – Pin Shot

The man traps the ball between his foot and the pitch before moving it sideways and shooting.

  • Pin the ball under the man’s foot.
  • Make sure that the point of contact is at, or very near, the top of the ball.
  • This will prevent the ball from being squeezed out.
  • Pull or push the bar to move the ball sideways.
  • Lift the man very slightly at the start of this movement to ensure that the ball moves parallel to the end of the table.
  • Use a palm roll to hit the ball – this is generally the more accurate technique for this shot.

Here is slow-motion close-up of a push pin shot for clarity:

Video of long push and pull pin shots – notice how the ball is moved parallel to the goal before being shot.

This parallel action makes further movement much easier:

Trapping and moving repeatedly is called ‘walking’ the ball:

World no.1 Frederic Collignon (on the right in this film of tournament play) is the undisputed master of the pin shot: