Why do we have a membership scheme?

Currently the BFA provides a range of benefits to British players that come at a significant expense to the association despite the valiant efforts of numerous volunteers. These expenses include ITSF membership and ITSF player licences, allowing us to send our teams and players to ITSF events, keeping the website and forum available for players to use and storing and transporting tables to allow organisers to run events.

The membership scheme is aimed at providing a base level of income which will allow the BFA to maintain these benefits and potentially improve on them in due course. It also provides a more professional approach to collecting data on members and maintaining this so we can communicate and engage members more effectively.

Almost all sports and game associations charge their members an annual fee to cover the cost of keeping the association running, and the BFA follows suit.

Types of Membership

Full Membership – UK players

– Eligible to enter a BFA sanctioned event Cat B or above
– Eligible for an ITSF licence
– Eligible to represent Great Britain
– Voting rights at General Meetings

You do not need membership for the following:
– Participating in the BFA League, although it is still necessary to play in the end-of-year BFA League Championships.
– Participating in UK events ranked Cat C or below. It is still needed in order to participate in the UK Championships, however.

Price – £5 per year if registering via an official BFA Club OR £10 per year otherwise. Novices, Juniors and unranked players get £5 off, i.e. pay £5 or £0 depending on whether registering via a club.

Foreign Associate

– Eligible to enter a BFA sanctioned event cat B or above (e.g. ITSF Master Series & Pro Tour events)
– Right to attend AGM but no voting rights

Price – £5 per year.


You can get your annual BFA membership at an event, or you can buy through Paypal below.

Membership Type
Valid 1 Jan – 31 Dec 2018

Changing clubs

If you are registered for a particular club and would like to change your affiliation to a different one, please email with the details.