A Challenger tournament is a national-level tournament designed to be easy for Clubs to organise while providing an opportunity for competitive foosball for players across the UK. Challenger tournaments provide national-level ranking points.

A Challenger tournament must meet the following requirements:

  • Held on two or more ITSF tables
  • Provide one month’s notice prior to the tournament
  • Held on a weekend – either one day or a full weekend

Challenger tournaments are open to all players with an active Class A or Class B player licence.

Full details of the tournament requirements can be found in the Tournament Regulations policy document.

The BFA is able to provide Clubs with Tornado [13], Garlando [4] and Roberto Sport [10] tables for use at Challenger tournaments. There is no hire fee, however, the tournament will need to cover delivery costs. In addition, the BFA can provide hardware to support the running of the tournaments, and expertise in scheduling and software support.

The BFA is keen to encourage all Clubs to run one Challenger tournament per year, forming a circuit of events which make up the bulk of the UK’s competitive tournament calendar. We envisage a variety of Challenger tournaments, from small two table Challengers in up and coming player bases to larger tournaments in more established scenes. Regardless of the size of the event the BFA is keen to help all Clubs interested in organising events.

If you would like to understand more about this or have questions please feel free to contact the BFA via contact@britfoos.com