We are delighted to announce the national teams to represent Great Britain at the ITSF World Cup in Nantes, France, in June 2022.

To play for your country is something to be very proud of. Congratulations to everyone here.


Callum Oakes (Captain)
Uzzy Ahmad
Maan Arslan
Robert Atha
Christopher Lyall
Stephen Lyall
Richard Marsh
Jonathan May
Matthew Warr
Artur Drozd (Coach)


Donna Walker (Captain)
Alina Darragh
Yaka Diaz
Eliza Kilian
Emily Knox
Chiara Liardo
Katarzyna Majowska
Edina Takacs
Alice Warr
Joe Jennings-Bundy (Coach)


David Ziemann (Captain)
Mike Cohen
Stephen Edwards
George Eid
Chris Haddon
Paul Martin
David Oates
Rhys Roberts
Darren Warr
Will Hawkes (Coach)