We’re delighted to publish the updated BFA Championships Rankings for April 2022. You can see how you’re doing by viewing the BFA Rankings for April.

The rankings are a reflection of a player’s performance over the past 12 months. Whether results from a club, national or international tournament, everything goes into the rankings. All British and UK resident players are eligible to be included.

Congratulations to the BFA’s number one ranked players for April:

  • Singles – Stephen Lyall
  • Doubles – Richard Marsh
  • Mixed – Richard Marsh
  • Women’s Singles – Maryam Aly
  • Women’s Doubles – Maryam Aly
  • Senior Singles – George Eid Sr
  • Senior Doubles – George Eid Sr

To improve your ranking, you need to play in BFA-recognised events. We now have a Competition Calendar showing activities all around the country.

If your club has something planned, please let us know so we can help you get lots of people to come along.