(part 1)
We’re getting the new season underway. We’ve got a lot to tell you about – tournaments and rankings, championships and leagues. But for today, let’s start with clubs and licences.
We now have a new way to connect UK table football players with the BFA through clubs that themselves are affiliated with the BFA. In the past, players have directly been BFA members, and this option is no longer available.
What’s a club? In essence, your club is from where it all starts. It’s your local foosball family, and it’s where you go to hang out, train, play, compete, and represent. Your access to table football – local, national and international – happens through your club.
Clubs can organise BFA-sanctioned events (the more, the merrier), with your results counting towards the national Championship Rankings, of which more later. Club events go into the national Tournament Calendar and feature on the BFA website and social media channels.
So first and foremost, we’re asking the UK playing communities to come together and set up their clubs. The people who run clubs are called Club Captains. Captains, you can register your club here.
It costs £30 to affiliate a BFA club for the season, including the Competition Licence for the Club Captain.
If you have any questions, feel free to email
What used to be called “member” is now called “licence”. A Competition Licence is required to play in national and international tournaments, amongst other things. It’s valid for the 2022 season (1st Jan to 31st Dec), costs £10 and is purchased directly from the BFA. A Club Licence is needed to feature in the BFA Championship Rankings (introduced below), and it is available through a BFA club.
It’s licence renewal time. Please make payments to the British Foosball Associations business bank account, sort code 04-06-05, account number 17107927, reference ‘LICENCE [your name]’.
Want to know more? Follow the link below here.