UK Championships 18-20 November, Rileys Coventry

UK Championships 2016

18-20 November 2016

Hertford Place, Butts Road, Coventry CV1 3JZ

12x Garlando Master Champion Tables

Friday 18th November
7pm – Team Competition (National League) – Entry Free – Format 5/5 D1 S1 D2 S2 D3

Saturday 19th November
11am Open Singles – Format 3/5 2/5 DE
1pm Senior, Junior, Womens Singles – Format 2/5 2/5 DE
2pm Amateur Singles – Format 1/7 Groups plus 2/5 SE
4pm Classic Doubles – Format TBC
7pm Team Competition (National League) – Entry Free – Format 5/5 D1 S1 D2 S2 D3

Sunday 20th November
11am Open Doubles – Format 3/5 2/5 DE
1pm Senior, Junior, Womens Doubles – Format 2/5 2/5 DE
2pm Amateur Doubles – Format 1/7 Groups plus 2/5 SE
4pm Speedball Doubles – Format TBC

Entry Fees
Ranked Amateur or Above – £5 per person per event
Unranked, Beginner/Novice or Junior (under 18) – Free
No package deals – players pay by event – All entrants must be Full BFA members (foreign associates allowed in Amateur (if eligible) and National league events only.

No prize funds – any surplus after trophies and table-supply costs will contribute to a fund to subsidise Hamburg travel for qualified players.

Qualification for World Championships in Hamburg, 12-14 April 2017
The top 3 players or teams in Open, Junior, Senior and Womens Singles or Doubles qualify for the World Championships
The top player in the 2016 Player of the Year rankings is also awarded one qualification slot for each category.
Speedball and Classic Doubles – the top 2 teams from each category (Open, Junior, Senior and Womens) qualify for Hamburg – the remaining 2x places per category to be awarded at the BFA Executive Committee’s discretion – in consultation with the relevant team captain. The competition format is still under discussion and will be announced shortly.
Rules for Classic and Speedball events will be posted below.

Team Competition (National League) – Note this is a ‘standard’ National League Team competition contributing to your club’s 2016 points total, and not the National League Finals which will be held in early 2017. Teams can compete either or both days but cannot play the same opponents twice. The team with the most points wins a trophy and medals. Teams require at least 4x players (max 8x players), matches are 2x singles and 3x doubles games, no player plays more than 1S1D or 2D games, no singles player in D3, games can be played in any order.


The UK Championships, as a qualification event for the 2017 World Championships in Hamburg, is only open to players registered as British with the ITSF. If you have been to tournaments before, please check that you are down as GBR here – . To compete you must have, or qualify for, British nationality (in the most common case – have lived in the UK for the past 5 years) – and be willing to have yourself registered as British with the ITSF. You may be required to prove proof of this, if registered with another national federation. If you have any questions please contact .

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