Introducing Team GB Sponsor CLAIMS CONSORTIUM



The British Foosball Association is grateful for partners who – like us – love playing the great game of table football, and want to grow it more in the UK>

We want to give you a chance to get to know them better. Today… well, you might have seen their logo on the Team GB shirts, but let us tell you more…


Claims Consortium Group is the sponsor of Team GB. They provide property claims handling and claims workflow technologies to insurers, brokers and other property service organisations across the UK.

Their claims handling services include Property Consortium UK, Building Claims Services, Property Consortium Drainage, Motor Claims Services and Claims Consortium Subsidence. They also develop cutting-edge workflow technologies that drives industry-leading levels of management information and service excellence.


Claims Consortium has an active social scene – especially when it comes to sport, with cricket, football, rounders and even a volleyball team. However the company’s passion lies with table football, which stems from two of the company’s directors, Jeremy Hyams CEO and Matt Brady MD. Jeremy has always been passionate about table football and has been running annual doubles tournaments within the business since 2007.

While the Group and its staff are hard working and dedicated, when the opportunity arises they love nothing more than to let their hair down and enjoy a bit of healthy competitive action, foosball style!

The company now employs more than 270 people and we are told that competition can be fierce, especially when the managing director joins in! P45 anyone?


The team is made up of 8 – 10 individuals from different departments and areas across the business, some even located in different offices. This doesn’t stop the staff getting together out of hours and practising their table football skills though. Their team captain is Greg Kelsey who has been with the company for several years and is a keen foosball player. He has suggested that perhaps ‘The Topguns’ hosting a tournament in Taunton (Somerset’s county town) is a real possibility – however, due to other external commitments it might have to wait until next year now before that becomes a reality.


Over the years some of the staff have participated in BFA tournaments and this has always been encouraged. However, in order to ensure their staff have the best success, the company has invested in some new tables, reluctantly trading in their long beloved Garlando table for a couple of new Leonhart tables. While it has taken some time for the staff to adjust, most seem to agree that these tables are a vast improvement and are definitely the way forward for future success.


Jeremy Hyams says: “Given the recreational interest our staff have always displayed with table football, the company wanted to demonstrate that the business as a whole supports the sport. Sponsoring Team GB was the logical way for us to do that while associating our brand with a young fresh sport, played by all ages. We are extremely proud to sponsor Team GB and we wish them every success with their up and coming tournaments.”

Thanks to everyone at Claims Consortium for their support of table football in the UK, we appreciate it enormously.

Also, if anyone in Somerset is interested in meeting up with the Taunton Topguns for some games, you can contact club captain Greg Kelsey at

(The photo is a typical lunch hour scene… nice)